Canadian Premium Sand is guided by three values that anchor the company to our core purpose of continuously generating value for all of our stakeholders. These values act as a compass to guide us in how we do our work, and how we balance competing priorities as an organization.

  1. Putting People First
    • Health and safety are our number one priority – among employees, partners, and in the community in which we operate
    • We will always treat each other with fairness and respect, and we will seek constantly to provide opportunities for professional development and personal growth.
    • We will ensure all of our people are kept informed of important company developments and issues.
  2. High Performance Culture
    • We are a results-oriented company, with a relentless focus on the delivery and execution of high business objectives
    • We value innovation, adaptability and accountability in executing against our business strategy
    • Teamwork is essential to what it means to work at Canadian Premium Sand
    • Continuous improvement is central to our business culture
  3. Rigorous Financial Discipline
    • We will at all times be prudent with shareholders’ money
    • Discipline is central to our management philosophy

We will always seek new, more efficient ways to use the company's resources.


Canadian Premium Sand is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance practices. The Company adheres to guidelines for effective corporate governance as published by the Toronto Venture Exchange, and constantly reviews its practices to ensure that its standards are in compliance with required regulatory regimes.

Canadian Premium Sand is chaired by an Independent Chair and made up of 4 directors, 2 of whom are considered independent of management. Specific charters have been developed for the Board and for its various committees that set out their roles and responsibilities. The Charters are reviewed, and if appropriate, revised on an annual basis.

With regard to the Company’s communication with its various stakeholders, the Board has adopted the Disclosure, Confidentiality and Insider Trading Policy, includes comprehensive procedures on timely disclosure of material information, insider trading procedures on selective disclosure and electronic communications, and specific procedures on mineral disclosure.